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Your Kitchen Canopy is a vital component within your work environment, so it is very important that you ensure it is in safe working order for your staff and property.

During the cooking process, your Kitchen Canopy gets very hot, particularly with naked flames. Add to that steam, hot fat, smoke and persistent odours constantly being produced, this will in turn require that your canopy complies with working standards through a deep cleaning process.

We also carry out Filter Cleaning, which reduces the risk of fire and ensures that you are compliant with Insurance, Fire & Safety Regulations.


We provide a professionally accredited service to help maintain your Commercial Extractor Fan. We ensure that your Extractor Fan is compliant with all health and safety regulations and remains cost efficient through essential maintenance.

Having your Extraction Fan cleaned regularly means that you are providing a safe and comfortable temperature for work, maintaining safe noise levels for the benefit of communication with employees.

These factors will also reduce the risk of fire whilst complying with Fire, Health and Safety Regulations.


MJ Canopy & Duct Cleaning offer a complete Kitchen Deep Clean service. This involves an in-depth, high standard, hygienic deep clean of your kitchen, food rooms and catering equipment.

A Kitchen Deep Clean will ensure removal of grease, oil, dust, and any other source of dirt. We will also remove any burnt or dried in material.

A deep clean service for your kitchen includes removal of solidified products (rust, calcium etc.) and we do not leave the promises until everything is left functional and safe.

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To comply with Food Safety Legislation kitchens should always be thoroughly cleaned as routine and on a long term basis. This significantly reduces the potential risk of fire! When items in a commercial kitchen have been thoroughly cleaned it has been proven to greatly reduce the risk of fires starting and spreading.

Items that are thoroughly cleaned will minimise the risk of pest infestation and after a deep clean will perform as they are intended, instead of being clogged with grease.

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MJ Canopy & Duct Cleaning is now offering a complete coronavirus infection control and deep cleaning service.

Unfortunately, the current COVID-19 outbreak continues to affect businesses, schools, homes and universities in our community. Our highly experienced team is here to offer guidance and support that will help to keep your organisation safe and operational.

We offer specialist cleaning and decontamination services to help prevent the risk of infection.

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